The Governors

As a Charity Wyggestons is managed by a board of Trustees. The Trustees of Wyggestons Charity are known as Governors. They share collective
responsibility for ensuring good governance and they have adopted the Charity Governance Code in addition to other guidance and regulations as issued by the Charity Commission.
The Board of Governors between them have a deep understanding of housing, property, estates, finance, care and support issues. In addition, they are responsible for setting high level strategic objectives, ensuring the financial viability of the Charity and monitoring operational performance to ensure we are achieving our Charitable objectives.

In addition to the full board, the Governors work through committees and these are;

Estate | Finance | Finance Sub Committee - Investment | House and Grants | Executive | Review | Looking ahead Group

The Governors fall into three categories - Ex - Officio (2); Nominated (9); Co-opted (7);

The Ex-Officio Governors are The Lord Mayor of the City of Leicester and The Master of the Hospital in addition to the Honorary Life Governor.

The nominated Governors are appointed:-

4 by Leicester City Council

2 by Leicestershire County Council Social Services Committee

2 by Leicestershire County Council Local Education Authority

1 by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Each appointment is for a term of 5 years. 

The present Governors of the Charity are:-

Dr R P Archer 
Mrs E M Bamford (Vice Chairman of House and Grants)
Councillor Dr S Barton
Mrs A Brown

Mr W G Ginns
Mrs S V Hubner
(Chairman of House & Grants)
Mr D W Lax (Vice Chairman of Finance)
Rev’d A R Leighton Master of Wyggestons
Mr J K McLauchlan
(Chairman of Estate)
Mr P C Osborne (Chairman of Finance)
Mrs T M Phillips
Mr R L Pierce
(Vice Chairman of Estate)
Mrs P M Posnett MBE
Mrs S R Powell
Mr J W Royce
Mr O J Saunders
(Vice Chairman)

The Lord Mayor of Leicester Honorary Governor
Mr O D Lucas Honorary Life Governor